Training Yourself and Staff on Aesthetic Equipment

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The very last thing you want to have happen in your spa or salon is to have a safety incident with one of your customers. Generally speaking, this can either come in the form of burns caused from over-heated treatments, or electrocution from improper installation. In order to prevent this from occurring, you want to be sure you and your staff are fully trained on how to utilize the aesthetic equipment at your disposal. It may not be a life threatening incident and require only an adhesive bandage and some cream, but negative word of mouth travels faster than good tidings about your business.

Read the Aesthetic Equipment Literature

Any newly purchased aesthetic equipment will come packaged with operating instructions and safety precautions. Once a new tool is placed in your business, make sure each and every one of your staff, reception included, has read the material thoroughly. To best accomplish this and ensure it occurs, schedule a training session with mandatory attendance for all employees and have them sign off on a completion form. You can use this time to allow each of them to adjust and learn the equipment with a hand’s on approach before they use it with a client. Taking the time to properly train employees on the use of aesthetic equipment now will alleviate headaches further down the line.

Not All Aesthetic Equipment is Created Equal

It may be expected that some employees will roll their eyes and respond that they already know how to operate your latest purchase, as they have been using similar pieces of machinery for years. Here is where you will need to be firm. Complacency and assumptions are where accidents are lying in wait to affect your client’s well being. Updated designs, even from the same manufacturer, occur all the time.

Aesthetic equipment can be re-engineered to increase energay svings by using less heat and power to create the same function. This means that a setting might be less than in previous models, and performing the same routine on a new piece of equipment could mean drastically increasing the heat and intensity of the treatment so it will be harmful.

You may wish to have your employees vocalize what the changes are in the equipment during training so they are aware that settings may well be different. Knowing how the new aesthetic equipment functions differently could mean the difference between a happy client and an insurance liability claim.

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