The Perfect Pre- and Post-Workout Snacks

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Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, and it’s important not to exercise on an entirely empty stomach. Knowing what snacks to consume before and after a workout can make for a healthier and more fulfilling experience. While heavy foods such as pasta are generally best avoided just before heavy physical activity, as well as anything especially sugary, there are many good and healthy choices available to the conscientious exerciser for example healthy Asian Food at FantAsia Brisbane.

Before a workout, especially if it happens in the morning before a long day at work, fruit-based snacks can be wonderful options. Why not whip up a cool, refreshing strawberry parfait? Using nonfat yogurt, fresh strawberries and a scoop of whole grain cereal, this is a snack that is healthy and refreshingly satisfying. Another great option is the always-classic apple slices with peanut butter on them or a shake made from frozen berries and whey protein.

Eggs are a great source of protein, offering strength before a workout. Why not consider hard-boiling a couple of eggs and eating them with toast? If toast doesn’t excite you, try mixing the eggs together with oatmeal for a unique taste treat with a healthy twist. You can also make an omelet using egg whites and your choice of veggies for a hearty breakfast.

Nuts make for an excellent quick snack if you’re really in a hurry. Just grab a small container of nuts, whether it’s almonds, walnuts or an appealing BHUJA nut mix, and keep it open in your vehicle’s front seat cup holder for easy access, one handful at a time. The flavorful blend found in a BHUJA nut mix combines multiple types of nuts, as well as chick peas and multi-grain noodles.

Along those lines is also the BHUJA crunchy seasoned peas, which also make a great snack after the workout. You can pop them in your mouth a few at a time, enjoying the texture and the distinctive taste. Made with all natural ingredients , these peas are flavored to appeal to the taste buds, but these BHUJA crunchy seasoned peas, which hail from Australia, are also an appealing nutritional option.

Another great post-workout snack is a healthy trail mix. One option is to take dark chocolate chips, macadamia nuts and banana chips for a tropical treat. Any mix of dried fruit, nuts and dark chocolate can be a good option, with granola or some other healthy type of cereal adding an appealing crunch.

A nice bowl of any type of whole-grain cereal with skim milk is a great healthy option at any time of the day, as is a banana or other type of fresh fruit or vegetables. For a bit of whimsy, fill some celery with peanut butter and top it with raisins for the old classic “ants on a stick.” These are great to share with kids.

There are so many different types of foods that can make for healthy snacks before and after a workout. Just get creative, and don’t forget to stay hydrated. Exercise can do a number on a body that is bereft of liquid, so be sure to drink plenty of water both before and after your exercise regimen.

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