Why Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?

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If you are a woman and do a weight loss challenge with a man with the same diet plan, then you realise that the results are not the same. A man will shed those extra kilos more rapidly than a woman. Some people might think that it’s a myth, but it’s not. 

Several studies show that men lose weight faster than women. It’s not just the rate of weight loss that is different between the two sexes, but the amount of weight lost. Men have also more success maintaining new weight than women. Why is that, though? According to Weight Loss for Men Thailand, a results-driven weight loss program for men, here could be the reasons.

#1 Muscle Mass

One reason for the faster loss of weight in men than women is metabolism. The ability of the body to convert food into energy is higher in men than in women. 

A high metabolic rate means that the body uses up more fat than it stores. Lean tissue and fat are two aspects that affect metabolism. Naturally, men have more muscle and less fat compared to women, which allows them to burn fat more efficiently.

#2 Stress Level

Stress is a great influencer in the weight loss journey. A person under stress can turn to food for comfort, making it hard to cut off that extra weight. Women tend to experience higher stress levels than men. A majority of women have to juggle various duties that can include work, family and social responsibilities. Concentrating on fitness routines can be difficult for a stressed person.

#3 Food Cravings

Another reason men lose weight faster than women is their eating habits. With hormonal change, women tend to eat more carbs than men do. When unutilised, carbohydrates store into fat. Coupled with the lower metabolism in women, these foods facilitate massive weight gain.

Weight Loss Tips for Women

Although men lose weight faster than women, it’s possible to achieve weight loss goals with the right program. Diet is one thing to work on. Eliminate sugars and carbohydrates as much as possible from your meals. Increase protein and fibre intake. The opinion of a nutritionist or fitness expert can help a great deal.

  • Fend off cravings for sugars and carbs: No definite formula exists for this, so settle on something that works for you. Meditation is useful for some people while exercise works for others. Physical activity or a hobby can provide an effective distraction to stop you from indulging in comfort foods. Learn about weight loss superfoods and include them as necessary in your diet.
  • Exercise intensely and regularly: A workout regime is essential if you are to slash those unwanted kilos. Regardless of how disadvantaged women are when it comes to the physical form, it’s still possible to achieve desirable results. Weight training and other exercises can help you build muscle and consequently, boost your ability to burn fat. Work with a professional to craft a fitness plan that suits your body.
  • Make change in your lifestyle and make it long term: Healthy eating and exercise are critical to weight loss, but so is your lifestyle. Adapt habits that influence your well-being positively. Avoid smoking, excessive alcohol and reckless behaviour. Reduce stress through meditation, yoga or your preferred hobbies.

Final Take

Men lose weight faster than women and various studies prove this. Different physical and environmental components contribute to this reality. Understanding what these are can help women find solutions that can fuel weight loss. Whatever program you establish for losing weight, be certain that it aligns with your objectives and capabilities.

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