Bikini Body Workout to Achieve Your Dream Body

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Get ready for your bikini with a quick, efficient and easy bikini body workout and diet plan. It’s officially spring, which means summer, aka bikini season, is right around the corner. Use this plan to achieve the perfect bikini body for this summer’s festivities.

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Your diet will be responsible for almost 75% of your fat loss and body toning. You cannot be toned and lean without a good diet. That’s why it is important to choose a healthy and nutritious meal for yourself. Although fast food is easy and convenient, it is a nightmare in your path to slimmer and leaner body. Make an effort to build up an habit of eating home cooked food. Make yourself a meal that is high in protein and load your stomach with complex carbohydrates and vegetable, and snack on high protein snacks. Also, make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day.


Home Workout

Do this easy bikini body workout at home or even incorporate it into your day at the office. This quick 20 minute workout is designed to get you into shape without taking hours out of your schedule to hit the gym. Repeat this workout daily, taking only Sundays (or one day of your choice) off as a rest day.

3 Minute Warm Up: 100 jumping jacks, 100 high knees and 15 burpees.

2 Minute Stretch: Start by sitting on the floor with your legs spread apart as wide as possible. Reach down to your right foot with both hands for a few beats, then your left foot with both hands for a few beats. Take your right arm across your chest and hold it in the crook of your left elbow, with your left fist above your shoulder for a good arm and shoulder stretch. Repeat with the left arm in the crook of the right. Stand up and get your balance on your left foot. Take your right leg with your right hand and bring your foot as close to your butt as possible. Repeat with the the left leg.

20 Squats: Stand with your legs a little wider than shoulder width apart. Hold your hands together at chest level and bend down into a sitting position. The lower you go, the better your results will be.

30 Second Run in Place: Don’t work too hard, but keep that heart rate up.

30 Second Break: Keep moving by walking about, get a drink, or stretch a little.

15 Push Ups: Get face down in the floor. Set your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Your feet can be placed anywhere from touching to wider than shoulder width, whatever is comfortable. The closer together your feet, the more difficult and effective the pushup. In the up position your arms should be totally straight. Lower yourself down until your elbows are at 90 degrees, while keeping your body in a straight line.

20 Lunges: Stand with feet shoulder width apart and arms at your sides. While keeping your upper body straight, step forward with your right leg until both knees are bent at 90 degrees. Your left shin will be on the floor. Push yourself back up into standing position and repeat on the other side.

30 Second Run in Place

30 Second Break

30 Hip bridges: Laying on the floor with your knees bent like you are about to do sit-ups, put your arms on the floor like you are trying to reach for your ankles. Scoot your feet back as close to your rear-end as you can. Keeping your weight on the heels of your feet, lift your hips up to the ceiling while squeezing your glute muscles. You should have weight on your shoulder blades and your feet, and feel the strain in your butt and hamstrings. Then lower and repeat.

30 Good Mornings: Start with feet slightly more than shoulder width apart, and pull your hips back like you are bowing to someone. Slightly bending your knees, bend at your waist until you are parallel with the ground. Be sure to keep your weight on the heels of your feet.

30 Second to 1 Minute Plank: Lying on your belly, lift your body with only your forearms and your toes on the floor. Be sure to keep your body straight: don’t drop your hips or lift them too high. Start at 30 seconds and work your way up to 1 minute or longer.

Do this simple 7 day bikini workout to achieve easy, fast results. Repeat the bikini body challenge weekly, and when summer gets here you will be ready and willing to show off that beautiful toned bikini body.

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