6 Amazing Home Remedies To Improve Your Brain Power

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There comes a time when a person experiences memory lapses at some point in life (you could forget what you just wanted to tell someone or misplacing certain things). These are the tell-tale signs that your brain power has started to fade. The health of the brain is vital in facilitating your well-being since feeling like you are in charge and thinking straight play a huge role in making you to feel more fulfilled and happier. The following are some of the home remedies that can help to improve your brain power:

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Eat a Balanced Diet

The brain needs certain food nutrients for it to function properly. A diet that comprises of healthy fats, whole grains, lean protein, vegetables and fruits is good for your brain. Limit saturates fats and calories, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, take green tea and include Omega-3s in your diet. All these help in improving your brain power.


Make Time to Exercise

The best and easiest way to improve your brain power is by nurturing the brain with proper diets combined with other habits that are healthy. Physical exercises help in enhancing the ability of the body to recall and process information easily. Exercises increase the supply of oxygen to the brain and helps in reducing the risk of developing disorders which result inn memory loss i.e. cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Exercises also help in enhancing the protection of brain cells which improves the rain power.

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Get Sufficient Sleep

If you don’t get sufficient sleep, you also deprive the brain sleep making it impossible for it to function at maximum capacity. This compromises problem-solving capabilities, critical thinking and creativity skills. Whether you’re working, studying or simply trying to make ends meet in one or another, failing to get enough sleep is the recipe for disaster. Research has shown that the most important activities that help in enhancing and consolidating the memory take place in the deepest stage of sleep. Getting sufficient sleep greatly helps in improving the brain power.


Make Time for Fun, Friends, and Family

Remedies for improving your memory don’t have to be necessary very “serious” activities. Spending time with friends, watching a comedy or simply going out dancing comes with several cognitive benefits. Or, spending some quality time with your kids, doing fun activities that boost both your and their creativity like Shut the Box game, is also fun. Or, the laziest choice, you could lay back on the couch and playing board games and puzzles with your kids. Human beings are social animals in nature; this means that people can’t survive alone. Healthy relationships help in stimulating our brains; this is often believed to be the perfect exercise that can help to improve brain power.


Participate in Activities You Enjoy To Keep Stress at Bay

Stress is known to be the worst enemy of the brain. Chronic stress damages brain cells and the hippocampus; this is the area in which new memories are formed and old ones retrieved. Take time and engage in activities you enjoy doing be it at home or elsewhere. Take some time when you are alone in the house and meditate. Meditation helps you in improving memory, creativity, concentration and focus. Meditation increases cerebral cortex thickness which in turn improves the brain power.

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Give the Brain a Workout

Take some time when you are at home and do some brain exercises that help in improving brain power. Try new things or new ways of doing the things that you are accustomed to. The best exercises for the brain are those that are unfamiliar, fun and challenging. This is a perfect remedy for improving your brain power.


A brain that is impacted by stress causes the systems of the body to suffer in certain ways. Excess free radicals damage the pathways of communication in the brain which in turn damages brain cells until when you start experiencing memory loss, decreased alertness, and ultimately the Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Making simple lifestyle changes can greatly improve your brain power.


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